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Coaching can shift how your see yourself and experience the world. As well as working at a performance and behavioural level, coaching can also work on the underlying cause of the issue or feeling, creating the opportunity for lasting change.  

I draw from a wide variety of tools and techniques such as: CBT, Coaching, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Positive Psychology, to help you overcome mindset blocks and limiting beliefs. My career spans from working with key charities, organisations, prisons, schools and hospices. 

My approach is warm and down-to earth, I offer a non-judgemental space for you to share what might be holding you back from feeling and being at your best .


I can help you: 


  • Gain clarity

  • Feel empowered

  • Grow in confidence and self esteem

  • Reduce anxiety

  • Have better relationships

  • Become unstuck

  • Feel motivated and inspired

  • Live a full, authentic life

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