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"I would highly recommend Lilian as a coach, she is a great listener and was able to guide me in finding my own answers, but when it was needed and appropriate she would provide some personal insight too. 

Lilian is a  very friendly, approachable and understanding individual, she is easy to get along with and have a laugh with too, which is important to me as it helps to approach these things in a serious way but not too seriously. Especially when you have that moment of realisation of how differently (sometimes silly) something sounds/looks when you change perspective."


"Working with Lilian enabled me to gain clarity and work through issues that were relevant to me at the time 'theme of the moment' type of problems that I was facing causing me some uncertainty/confusion and frustration. I left each of our sessions together feeling lighthearted, accomplished and with the added benefit of having set tasks to tackle head on. I also felt equipped and motivated to take positive action to change things for the better. This was due to the way that Lilian helped guide me to break things down to make them far more manageable."






"Thank you for your time Lilian and for all the things you helped me work through. Without you by my side I don't think I would have managed to achieve the things I did and stay sane throughout it! 

As I have said in one of our sessions no success is built on the work and efforts of one person alone and you definitely had a huge part to play in the success of my conference, so thank you for being such a great support."



"I would highly recommend Lilian as a coach. She is an 'enabler.'

She doesn't impose solutions, or fix things, but enables you, the client, to identify what's important to you, and to find ways of living at your best. She absorbs, reflects back and asks how you can do this.

A gratitude for what is in my life now was enhanced by these sessions, and I'm forever grateful to Lilian for that." 





"Through the sessions there was a shift in my thinking and the way I approach major aspects of my life. 

Lilian is an excellent listener. She summarised her understanding of what she'd heard, and we looked at specific ways to manage time, and prioritise. Things became clear, and manageable: I was able to take simple, practical steps towards my goals based on our sessions, and I saw huge results.

We also looked at deeply held beliefs  and thought patterns that were holding me back from attempting something. We addressed where these come from and how valid they are today.There was no judgment from her in anything that was said, only recognition and encouragement."







"Lilian guided me in moving beyond fear. The time she spent coaching me allowed me to see myself in a new way. She is very patient, understanding and warm. I never felt judged and  this allowed me to speak openly during our sessions. I have learned so much about who I am, what is important to me and who I want to be. I learned to trust my instincts and to set boundaries. I gained the ability to be vulnerable and honest about who I really am. I grew so much as a person over the period of our sessions and continue to do so because of them."






"What can I say about my experience with Lilian?

Professionalism, blended with a great deal of patience and respect for my person, my own ideas, combined with skilfully asked questions, clear frameworks and action-based end results - these are only a few words that describe the effective and transformational process I went through with Lilian. Every single meeting was a great journey into my own self and I would certainly have taken a very different direction if not aided by such a skilled and inspiring coach. Thank you very much for this precious coaching experience and enabling me to realise such possibility."



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